Hunger and Thirst

Thinking about communion and the things my heart thirsts and hungers for over at The Wading Pool. … More Hunger and Thirst


Moving On

When I’m driving around the Oklahoma hinterlands, I often find myself thinking about the settlers that crossed the plains on their way to a “better life out west.” Those folks didn’t have cell phones or the internet to keep them connected to home. They didn’t have easy travel. When they left, it was like a … More Moving On


Winter in the Midwest can be brutal. Bitter cold goes right to your bones, driven down the plains by winds that howl and moan. We’re in the southern portion of America’s flatland, so the winters don’t linger as long as further north, but sometimes it seems like spring will never come. But eventually, every year, … More Seasons

Going Dark

I’m going dark. Getting off social media. I’m not going to go on a rant on why you should follow suit, so don’t worry. I just know it’s not good for me right now. I don’t like what it’s doing to me. I can’t take a walk and enjoy the scenery without thinking of how … More Going Dark


My wife is a nester. She loves taking the bones of a house and turning them into a home. Whether it’s through painting, picking out the perfect piece of old furniture, finding a rug, or it’s a rip-out-the-floor true renovation, I think she enjoys the process as much as the result. Sometimes I’ll come home … More Home


Billy the Kid called them “pals” in that cinematic masterpiece known as “Young Guns.” I just call them “friends.” They are easy to take for granted, and dang hard to make. Forged through trials, struggles, joys and sorrows, friends are a gift. You spend years unknowingly knitting and weaving your lives together, sharing birthday cake … More Pals