Road Trip Star Gazing

A marathon road trip for work spurred up some musings on the stars, and life in general. … More Road Trip Star Gazing


Lenten Ashes

I’ve been chewing on the impact of Lent and Ash Wednesday in my own life. Trying to work through that on the Wading Pool today. … More Lenten Ashes

Two Years

Recently, social media has been filled with the “10-year change” picture craze. The idea was to post a pic from 10 years ago, and one from today and show everyone how you’ve aged…errrrr….changed. No pics shall be forthcoming, but I guarantee you I changed more in the last two years than the previous ten, both … More Two Years

Looking Back…2018

There is no way 2018 is over. And yet, the calendar tells me it’s true. Another year in the books. 12 months come and gone. I have two girls in double digits, and the tween years are…interesting. My boy is…well, a boy: wild, energetic, frenetic, and a ball of fun. The whole “they grow up … More Looking Back…2018