Twenty Years

This one is for my wife How in the world can that be right? 20 years??? It seems like just a short time ago we were arguing over where we’d get married! A quick note for all you soon-to-be-married couples: make sure your church has a center aisle so the groom can see the bride … More Twenty Years

I Cried

(This was something I wrote a few months ago but kept coming back to.  And while I hesitate to share things sometimes, although that may be hard to believe, I think this might be of help to some of you who read the blog)  The other morning, on my way to work, I cried. Tears … More I Cried

The Craftsman

My grandfather, Taft Rakes, was a woodworker. No, that’s doesn’t come close to doing him justice. He was a craftsman. He could take beautiful, raw pieces of cherry and pine and oak and create pure art. My mom’s house is dotted with the work of his hands: an incredible dining room table, 8 ladderback rush-seated … More The Craftsman

Pressing On

I wrote about Moving On, and yet I keep getting pulled back. Sometimes it’s others, sometimes it’s me. Maybe “pressing on” is a better way to look at it? The ol’ dog returning to his vomit isn’t always as cut and dry as we think. Sometimes, the stuff you should be avoiding isn’t as unappealing … More Pressing On

Same Old Story

It’s old yet never gets old. It’s old but forever new, like every sunrise. It’s old yet makes all things new. I’m old but being made new. It’s the same old story making dead things alive…it’s making us alive again. It’s the same glorious news of a king coming to save His lost people, a … More Same Old Story

Fresh Cut

(That’s my boy getting his ‘do busted a while ago…but his expression was too good not to share) I was looking shaggy. Way too shaggy for my liking. Funny that my dad used to have to beg me to cut my hair and now I can’t get it short enough. My usual spot was closed, … More Fresh Cut